About the Art In Resistance Fellowship


The struggle for freedom and justice has often been referred to as “the beautiful struggle,” rendered so by righteous public defiance of the status quo and by the collective reclaiming of dignity and power in the face of long histories of oppression and marginalization. The beautiful struggle is also manifested in the art that is forged in this context to help advance movements for social change, and in the cultures that birth and are shaped by the art.

Now more than ever, we need powerful and vibrant movements that can contribute to and fuel the public imagination and activate civic engagement. The inaugural Art In Resistance Fellowship is designed to support the production of proactive movement art and to support public education about the interplay between art, community organizing, movement building and social change. This two-year fellowship will provide a stipend and benefits to facilitate innovative art production and practice by an artist/culture maker that demonstrates a strong track record of producing art in partnership with community leaders, social justice campaigns and movements.

The Art In Resistance Fellowship was established by artists and changemakers to simultaneously support artists and movements for social change at a time when there is a profound need to lift up beauty, solidarity and resistance.

The Fellowship is housed at the Movement Strategy Center in Oakland, CA, where we are surrounded by a renowned group of leaders, artists, activists, culture makers, and academics that have helped to drive change in meaningful ways and have played key roles in contributing to the national dialogue around struggles for freedom and justice.



The Fellowship Committee is excited to announce that the inaugural Art In Resistance Fellowship for 2019-2020 has been awarded to Melanie Cervantes and Dignidad Rebelde. See the full announcement here: https://artinresistance.org/2019/03/13/inaugural-art-in-resistance-fellowship-announced/

The Fellowship Committee is planning to evaluate and the inaugural fellowship and explore future plans together with our partners in 2020.



Gina Acebo – Visual Artist, Vice President of Programs, Akonadi Foundation

Luke Newton – Musician, Philanthropic Consultant

Ron Ragin – Performer, Writer, Composer

maisha quint, poet and Program Officer at The Libra Foundation

* RECOGNITION: Creative Commons artwork on this site includes an illustration by Rini Templeton and a demonstration photo of posters designed by Ernesto Yerena, Shepard Fairey and Jessica Sabogal.